Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to your questions around payroll, salary packaging and more to make informed payment choices that fit your situation.

Salary packaging reduces your gross salary by the value of the items you package along with any associated costs and administration fees.

Your remaining salary (after costs are deducted) is paid to you in cash (credited to your bank account) and is subject to normal Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) withholding tax.

In addition to the Salary Packaging benefits Verus People offer, you can also Salary Sacrifice a set amount or percentage of your gross earnings towards your nominated Superannuation fund. To find out more about this, visit this page.

Entry into the Verus People Salary Packaging Scheme is voluntary. To discuss eligibility please contact your Recruitment Consultant.

Payroll processing will be scheduled as follows:

Cut off time 10am on Tuesday (Pay Wednesday)
Cut off time 10am on Thursday (Pay Friday)

The cutoff for timesheets to be submitted to Verus People is 10am on Tuesday for pay on Wednesday or 10am on Thursday for pay on Friday.

Keep in mind that once you submit your timesheet to your manager, your manager still needs to approve this before the close of business on the Monday.

You may have to wait until the following week's pay cycle to be paid.

Your Recruitment Consultant should always be the first point of contact for any timesheet and pay questions.

If you are unable to contact your Consultant for any reason, you can also email

Yes you can. Download one here.

A weekly administration fee for implementing and processing your salary packaging will be charged at 5% of your gross income. The fee is deducted before tax as part of / in addition to the salary packaging option you are eligible for.

Any administration fee charged will be subject to and inclusive of GST.


Please note, Verus People cannot offer financial advice and can only provide information regarding the scheme and when payroll is processed. We recommend you seek the advice of your Accountant